Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Snowfall at Chancellorsville

This beautiful image was taken by Kristopher White, and first published on emergingcivilwar.com. It is so lovely, and reminds me of poems. The holidays are coming, and I can hardly wait. I am looking forward to writing about Christmas and New Years Day for both First Fallen and ECW.

The problem of living singly and holidays is that there are a lot of expectations of "togetherness" that just don't get fulfilled. Writing about lonely men and women who managed to make it through to another year helps with that, and I intend to make some sort of positive contribution.

I know I don't always post about battles, or tactics, or weapons. Others do that so well! I try to look at the Civil War differently--studying the silly, perhaps insignificant things that never make the big, Pulitzer-winning books, but are the things that make our heroes more human, and thus more able to be known as the men and women they were, as opposed to just a statistic.

I look forward to this December's journey!

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