Friday, November 4, 2011

Other Famous Ellsworths

It had to happen--it was inevitable. Someone asked me just how many things were named in honor of Colonel Elmer Ellsworth, and I got to digging . . .

May I present Ellsworth, the pet mynah of Disney's Goofy? This particular image of Ellsworth was drawn in 1949, and shows a mynah that looks suspiciously like a crow. Nevertheless, the bird was created as Goofy's pet and appeared in a variety of Sunday Funnies world-wide.

Usually he wears clothes, a red-orange shirt and a beret, and he had a "Y" on his shirt in early incarnations, for "Yarvard," his alma mater.

He is sarcastic and supercilious, and his catchphrase is a warning, "Let's not, shall we?" He isn't seen very often any more, but he is, indeed, an Ellsworth.

Next time someone asks me to look up random information, I think I shall quote the bird. "Let's not, shall we?"


  1. In Albany, OR there is an Ellsworth Street, running parallel to Lyons Street. Oddly enough, Albany was considered to be sympathetic to the CSA during the Civil War--the local newspaper was closed for a short time due to its "seditious" editorial policy. But the "city fathers" must have been Republicans for two of Albany's main streets to be named after two early martyrs to the Union cause!

  2. So glad you are still reading! When I saw your name, I was afraid I had made another error. I'm counting on you to find them. Huzzah for Oregon!