Monday, November 21, 2011

More turkey!!

Well, the day is almost upon us. I will be driving to SoCal during most of actual Thanksgiving to visit Mom. It is a loooong drive, and I will be very thankful if there is little traffic.

We only have two days of school this week (budgets cuts!) so tomorrow is the last day. I plan to read Gary Hines' Thanksgiving in the White House to my math classes, even though my students are "too old" for the book. I think they will like it anyway!

I promised my principal that I would write up a blurb about the Lincoln Turkey Pardon to read over the loud speaker in the morning announcements, so that is to be done after this blog. I am thankful I work with such wonderful, creative, and supportive folks at my job. I have worked in other places that were not nearly so emotionally nourishing, so I know how important it is. They are all pulling for success for First Fallen.

The remaining chapters that have not gotten the second rewrite are Ellsworth's death--because I hate that chapter--and First Bull Run, which is not easy for me. I got a new book, however: The Maps of First Bull Run, by Bradley M. Gottfried. I am also going to mine the vaults of a great blog--"Bull Runnings"--to see what is there on the New York Fire Zouaves. It should be better than ever with this new information.

Enjoy the cartoon. There is more there than meets the eye, actually. And be sure to check on Wednesday, for the true story of the famous Turkey Pardon. Good things are happening at ECW. I know I feel very thankful for them!

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  1. Where in Southern California? I grew up in Alhambra and San Gabriel. Went back East after my first year of college. Can hardly recognize the "old neighborhood" now. Have a safe trip to and from, And HAPPY THANKSGIVING for you and Mom!