Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hiram's Honor

The latest thing I have done for is a book review of Dr. Max Terman's Hiram's Honor, a fictionalized account of his relative Hiram's Civil War experiences.

It's pretty good, and amazing in that it is not taken from diaries or letters, but from government documents and Hiram Terman's war record. It is a good read, and is now in both paperback and hardbound. It is also in e-book format.

Anyway--that's the latest. I had a funny thing happen with it. I was eating lunch in the teacher's lounge, and one of our teachers was showing off her students' book reports. I had printed a copy of the blog, including the graphics and had it with me in my teacher bag (we all have them--really!)

I took it out and, in my best student voice, said, "Will you look at MY book report?" She told me I was being silly, that grown-ups didn't write book reports. I assured her that I had, indeed, written one. She looked at me, and I sort of pushed it at her. Everyone laughed.

Hmmmm-it was funnier at school. Lots of things are.

Check out the book report.

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