Sunday, December 23, 2012

Blessed Be

To all who have wondered where I may have been, or what may have happened, the news is terribly boring, I'm afraid. 

I just got very busy--I took two classes at APU for my Masters (big mistake!), got a new assignment at work, in a grade level I have not taught before, and I have a mom that is pretty ill and a house to run--and that's it!

Ok--I have a gentleman caller, and I play World of Warcraft. There's that!

But that's it, really. The book went out last summer for readings, and got pretty good reviews. The only problem I am having is with two spots, and they are the kinds of problem that is good to have: I have done much more research on the 1860 Republican Convention, and Ellsworth was a bigger part of that than formerly realized, and Ellsworth's bill to the Illinois State Legislature is looking to be more important than I had formerly realized. 

So, some rewrites are in order.

In addition, I have done quite a bit for, and have some things to do for them "on the stove" even now. They are wonderful people, and deserve my best!

All that being said, I have also been thinking about revamping First Fallen--perhaps including some information about my trials getting my advanced degree, and some of the things that go into becoming a historian, most of which I was unaware!

So--Merry Christmas to All, and I will be here much more regularly. Tomorrow will be a reprint from ECW, but a worthwhile one.

All my love,
Meg & History Cat


  1. Whew! I can stop worrying now! Merry Christmas Meg! And welcome back!

  2. Thanks--I will be much more in evidence from now on!