Sunday, December 30, 2012 & Saving Lincoln

Good friends of this blog & fans enough of our Colonel to include him in their movie, Saving Lincoln, the Litvaks have begun a campaign on to fund the premier & distribution of the movie itself. I will try to add the link to this worthy endeavor here, but if that doesn't work, please just google up Saving Lincoln and look for the address.

I really can't say enough good things about this effort. These folks seem super nice, and have written many times to me concerning Ellsworth and Ward Hill Lamon. They have always been positive and supportive, and have supported as well.

The way kickstarter works is amazing, and completely safe. It is funded via, and your contribution won't even be used unless the entire goal is met. It simply could not be safer to donate in this manner, and the minimum donation is just about $5. You get cool stuff when you donate, up to and including the premier of the movie & the after party, for a serious amount of bucks.

I don't have that sort of money, but I did donate enough to get a copy of the Lamon book on Lincoln. I have a copy, but the printing is terrible, and it is unreadable for most of the volume. I hope this one is better.

Another extremely cool thing is that long-ago friend Dave Alvin (the musician) is doing a part of the music. Dave (who prolly doesn't even remember me) and I used to go to Cal State Long Beach, and we both took writing classes from the immortal Gerald Locklin. Dave was a wonderful man then, and apparently still is.

So--please pledge money. Every bit helps, and it has to be done quickly, as the drive ends January 28. Watch the short video about the amazing way in which the film was made, & keep your fingers crossed.

This is a win-win deal--REMEMBER ELLSWORTH!!!


  1. Meg,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful support! We're thrilled to receive it from a fellow fan of Col. Ellsworth, who is sure to touch some hearts with his part in the Saving Lincoln story. I'll also try to add the kickstarter link to this comment:

    All the Best and Happy New Year,

  2. If you click on the photo to the right, it will take you to the kickstarter site. I am very hopeful!