Monday, October 24, 2011

Panic of 1837 / Part 3

This is a cartoon--a poorly-copied cartoon, but a cartoon nevertheless--of the unemployment situation in the Panic of 1837. I looked at it very carefully, and it is really funny, and very pertinent to today's crummy economic climate.

Drunks, pawn shops, a guy with saggy pants--I am still wondering about the man with the saw. I am gonna go for unemployed carpenter, but I will keep serial killer open as well. Google it up to see it more clearly--it is worth it! Panic of 1837 Cartoons.

Elmer Ellsworth's dad lost his business during the Panic, but he had a good plan. He became a butcher. Butchers came to the meat during the the 1800s, so Mr. Ellsworth travelled in the Mechanicville, NY area. Once in a while he picked up a keg of oysters down at the canal and sold them. Sometimes he trapped Passenger Pigeons and sold them as well. Apparently he was not the only one in the pigeon business, as they are extinct now.

He did well enough to keep his sons in school, stay friends with a rich man and his family, and even help his wife's family when they needed it. Many others were indeed crushed by the Panic and resulting Depression.

I think Mr. Ellsworth would have done just as well in this century

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