Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Images On Glass

One of the wonderful things about doing research in this century is the Internet. All I have to do is type a person or a subject into the search box, add the word "images" and there it is! I was looking for images of the White House a few days ago, hoping to unearth an Ellsworthian gem of some sort, and I found this--fall, D. C., those clouds, the spookiness of it all.

I can remember when the faces in CDVs and daguerreotypes looked funny and old-fashioned. Now they look as familiar to me as the pictures of last year's students. If I had time enough and knew how to do it, I'd photoshop the beards off all the generals in the Civil War and see their faces, sans hair. I think it would be interesting--nothing else.

Since this week starts October, I will be looking for some spookier images. The "Rock Star Summer" chapter is getting a huge rewrite, so looking for some odd stuff will help break up the time.

A student asked me today what I was going as for Hallowe'en. My stock answer is "a teacher," but this year I told him I was going to be going as an historian. BOO!

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