Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BFFs John Hay , George Nicolay. Elmer Ellsworth

The gentlemen pictured were Elmer Ellsworth's best friends, John Hay (sepia) and George Nicolay (b & w). They met him in Illinois, campaigned for Lincoln together, worked for Lincoln as secretaries (Hay & Nicolay) and law clerk (Ellsworth), and kept each other's spirits high. When they all got safely to Washington, DC, it was Hay and Nicolay who nursed Ellsworth back to health when he got measles. And--it was hay and Nicolay who, along with Lincoln, wrote some of the most heartfelt, grieving words ever written about another man's death. Hay and Ellsworth hit the town regularly together, while Nicolay, who was engaged and a more serious sort of guy, let Ellsworth use his address at the White House for Ellsworth's fiancee to write to him. These were good men.

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