Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Feel Sorta Like McClellan--

History Cat here--Catmom is the WORST!! Nothing but excuses--& she has a ton of them--

  • HARPing the house
  • 2 classes in her Master's class (who are Jomini & Clausewitz, fgs?)
  • maintenance on the property
  • finishing the book by adding new research concerning the Republican Convention of 1860 and Colonel Ellsworth (who should have had a cat!!)
  • writing and researching for that "other" blog,
  • paying attention to her gentleman caller (grrrrr)
  • leveling her Horde Hunter in WoW (as if!)
  • Oh! School's starting in a week!!

See what I mean? It goes on and on--well, I am taking things into my capable paws from now on. I shall pester & bug her until she gets herself together. I gave her July, but now it's August--ALL FOR THE UNION!

Three cheers and a tiger, which is sort of like a cat, but bigger.


  1. AW, be a nice kitty and cut your mom some slack! Can't you see she is busy? Besides, unlike McClellan she is making SOME forward progress!