Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Home Run Quickstep

One of the tunes on my current favorite CD of Brass Band music is called the "Home Run Quickstep."

I found it difficult to understand, frankly. There is a bell that rings at odd times during the song. The bell is sort of like one of those that works like a buzzer. I am not explaining this very well. Sorry.

Anyway, during my investigations into Civil War Base Ball I found out that an Ace (a run) was announced to the audience by the ringing of a bell! 

So, the whole point of the piece of music is the bell--exactly the point I was not understanding. 

Pretty cool. The piece is on an album of great tunes called Hurrah For the Union! by the Federal City Brass Band. I bought it when I was in Alexandria, but it is available at this link:

Buy it. 

Elmer would have wanted you to.

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