Friday, January 11, 2013

NOT How the West Was Won

I watched an interesting movie last week--How The West Was Won. It had a bunch of stars from earlier decades, and the Civil War was included. This fact was why I watched it, btw. Oh my!

First, it was news to me that the West was won without the involvement of any African-Americans, or Africans either. There were smatterings of Germans (once) and a long shot including Asians, but I don't remember any Irish or AAs. Oh--there were a few Native Americans, but not too many. Who does these things?

The Civil War part was pretty funny. Harry Morgan (MASH?) was Grant, and at least his memorable voice did the character some justice. Sherman--yep, tall, thin, gangly Sherman--was played by John Wayne. Please help me! This was just so wrong, on so many levels. Sherman is prolly still laughing.

So--long story short--just because a movie has "some Civil War stuff in it," don't just trust that this will make it worth watching. Ever. Really.

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  1. Saw it when it came out. Stupid movie, stupidly made. The only good part was toward the end,the railroad train sequence with George Peppard and Eli Wallach, et al. Always wondered how all the big names in front of and behind the camera were roped in to be part of such a turkey. After seeing her in this and "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" about 2 years later, I never could tolerate Debbie Reynolds! Does that make me a bad American?